Charles Bukowski - One of the greatest writers ever, he's more popular than Shakespeare, the only problem is most people steal his books.

Ornette Coleman - A pioneer Jazz musician, he'll change the way you look at music for ever!

Hunter S. Thompson - Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas? Come on the guy's a genius!

Tom Waits - A truly beautiful songwriter, he almost brings me to tears sometimes, a great inspiration to musicians everywhere. 

Ween - What can I say, I love Ween, They're great, and yes talented, not just funny!

Ani Difranco - One of the first reasons I picked up an acoustic guitar and never put it down.

Leonard Cohen - Without him, who knows where I'd be now, his music has got me through so much.

Pavement - A great, great band, everyone should own at least one of their albums.

Eric's Trip - Arguably the best band to come out of Canada since the Guess Who.

Sonic Youth - A mind bending, experimental trance like sound.  Probably the best band that nobody likes.

Sebadoh - I always wondered why these guys never got ultra famous.

Rage Against The Machine - Nobody else does that whole rap/metal thing, they just try to copy Rage.

Mr. Bungle - If these guys were any better somebody would have to kill them to make them martyrs and start a new religion.

Politics & Action:

The Dalai Lama - The Buddhist leader has his own site!  Check him out, your life will be greatly improved.

McSpotlight - McDonalds, what are they up to now, keep up to date on all the bad thing going down at the worlds favorite fast food joint.

Satan's Factory-Nike - See how this shoe giant can really pay 40 million dollars to get athletes to wear their shoes, and why you shouldn't.

Anti-Defamation League -Stop racism in all it's colours! - The name says it all.

Hate Watch - Keep up to date on who's doing what on the internet.  Stop hate propaganda, stop hate crimes!

Artists Against Racism - Artists helping to stomp out racism.

Celeste - Feminism isn't about hating men, it's about equality, we should all understand that.