Chillin' With Marcello band bios


Daniel N. Keeler-guitar, vocals, odd noises, some bass & drums, funny smells

Born: Oct. 4, 1976, Winnipeg, Mb.

Hobbies: music, sleeping, skateboarding, movies, video games, being lazy.

Fav. article of clothing: country & western button up shirt.


Michael W. A. Keeler-Bass, vocals, odd noises



Born: July 16, 1971, Winnipeg, Mb.

Hobbies: Photography, video games, music.

Fav. food: Penne Arrabiata (really spicy)




Pierre Russell-Drums, vocals, odd noises.

Born: not sure yet, I think he's avoiding the question.

Loves: beer, pizza, traveling, music, beer, hockey, beer, east Indian food, beer, Driver 2, and beer.

Claims to fame:  Once opened for the Forgotten Rebels, and dated a    lesbian.