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Tom's Ballad


Tom was a man from Louisiana

how I met him doesn't really matter

Tom never went to far

and when he did his wife drove the car


Tom was always happy

he had a kid, he named her Kathy

she's out west, she's out west, she's at college doing' fine

and old' Tom, old' Tom's never been outside, outside of the state line


He works at the bakery down the street

he makes those cream filled treats

makes about a hundred every week

says he really loves jazz wants to go to New Orleans, New Orleans


Well Tom ain't rich but Tom ain't poor

he says I got love and that matters more

I said let me buy you a drink old boy, old boy

and we'll talk about, talk about everything


He said "My father was raised in Louisiana just like me,

worked at the steel plant to support the family

he never had much ambition

I remember when he used to take me fishing, mom spent most the time in the kitchen

well I gotta go it's getting late

and I don't want to keep my wife waiting"

and with that he said goodbye

I sat and watched him walk outside


I never seen Tom again

but I consider him a very good friend

if I ever see his face again

I hope it's in some other place like New Orleans

New Orleans

Me and Tom in New Orleans

listen to that jazz band playing, they'll be playing


When the saints go marching in

when the saints go marching in

I want to be in New Orleans

when the saints go marching in